Students Hate Squishy Grapes


Grapes are a very popular fruit and are found at any local grocery store. They are affordable, tasty, and versatile.

Coming in a variety of colors, flavors, and sizes, grapes provide the perfect fruit for any occasion. People put grapes in lunch boxes as a healthy mess-free snack at school or put them on a charcuterie board for a formal event or occasion.

However, there is a chance that while eating grapes, one may come across a squishy one. 

For most, the texture of a squishy grape is so disturbing that they will either spit the grape out or make sure the grape is not squishy before eating it in the first place. 

“Squishy grapes are absolutely foul,” said Caroline Johndrow, sophomore.

Grapes are a generally amazing snack, providing something tasty to eat, but one squishy grape is a big enough scare to repel someone from eating any more grapes.

Marco Kempinski, senior, said, “Whenever I get a squishy grape, it makes my day a whole lot worse.”

Both students that were interviewed think that green grapes tended to be less squishy than red ones. Because of this, they preferred green grapes over red or purple grapes. 

Coming across or eating a squishy grape while eating lunch can ruin a student’s entire lunch.

However, one student likes squishy grapes. Parker Berry, sophomore, said, “Yeah, I like squishy grapes, I prefer them over hard ones.”

Berry also liked red grapes over green ones. This proves that there are people that like squishy grapes. Not everyone hates them.

Despite this, most students expressed a dislike for squishy grapes.


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