Student Spotlight: Elijah Stevenson

Elijah Stevenson is running off the Football field with his teammates after a football game.(Photo used with Permission of Alice Whitman)

Football is one of the most popular sports in the Leesville community. It would not be the same without Elijah Stevenson, the wide receiver on the junior varsity and varsity teams.

Stevenson, a sophomore, has been at Leesville since elementary school, and he has loved every step of the way. He always played football with his friends during recess in elementary school, where his love of football really started.

Stevenson has always been the kind of person to aim for the limit and make sure that all of his friends around him were having a fun time and being pushed to the fullest extent. 

Many people call out football for being too dangerous. Stevenson feels differently.  “Football is a great way to relieve stress for me.I can just go out there and lose my mind,

“[Stevenson] is quiet, hard working. He played JV, so whenever he comes up to varsity, Stevenson is a good scout and a team player. He will put in the work when he needs to. He is very humble,” said Gabe Simpinks, a senior at Leesville.  

He may not do a lot actively to bolster the morale of the team, but “just him being there and his work ethic helps, every time you are around him he just makes you feel like a confident, smart, and fun person,” said Simpkins.

“He is a great player that brings a lot of energy to the team,” said Deondre Goldstein, senior.

Jaden Gary, sophomore and a wide receiver. Wide receivers and quarterbacks work closely with each other to score touchdowns. Because Stevenson is a wide receiver, he has a great relationship with the QB and the rest of the football team.

“He is always an uplifting player that gets everyone hyped and  inspires his teammates to do better [and showing] his teammates how to be better,” said Gary.

Stevenson may be a big guy standing at 6’2, but he is always fun and relaxed. He will get his work done in classes while also making sure that everyone around is happy and having a good time. He will poke fun at his friends but almost everything that he does is in a joking manner.

During his off time, he likes to follow the Baltimore Ravens who are currently 4 and 3 this year thanks to Lamar Jackson the Ravens quarterback.

Stevenson is a hard working student in his class room — a person who wants to grow his friends and himself both in the classroom and on the field.


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