Motivational Posters at Leesville


Georgia Weaver, senior, explained she never has an opportunity to read the posters; therefore, she often overlooks them. 

“The hallways are too crowded to stop and read them,” Weaver said. 

She only gets glances at them. She has stopped once before to read one to its full extent. Weaver also pointed out that most posters are too small to read in passing. 

“The posters should be large enough where I don’t have to stop and take time to read them.”

 She finds that the posters she does get more than a glance at do not lift her spirits.

“They look nice but don’t encourage me. I do like the handmade posters, however,” said Weaver.

She recommends that there is no point in adding more posters around the campus. 

“It is a waste of paper. I don’t think posters really change anything. If an effort is going to be made, then add some bigger ones rather than a lot of smaller ones.”

Carter Knox, sophomore, enjoys motivational posters. However, she does not find them to be impactful, either. 

“I like seeing that an effort is being made,” she said. 

Knox also mentioned how she doesn’t get many chances to read the posters but appreciates the messages when she does read them.

“My favorite is the big one painted on the wall in the main lobby. I can tell a lot of effort was put into it.”

She reported that the messages did not necessarily encourage her, either. 

“They are pretty basic messages, nothing life changing,” Knox said. 

Overall, motivational posters are appreciated but do not have an impact on students. 



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