Cobra Kai: Old Villains, New Story


Cobra Kai Season 5 was released on September the ninth and instantly pushed into the 10 most popular shows. 

Being the best reviewed show since the Heart Stopper getting a rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

About the Show

The show is set 30 years after the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament; it follows Johnny Lawerance who lost the tournament and is an unemployed handyman. 

After another day of work, Miguel the main character gets jumped by a group of high school bullies, Lawrence than steps in and fights off the bullies.

After being convinced by Miguel to Reopen Cobra Kai, he starts to have run ins with his old rival Daniel Larusso who also opens a karate dojo leading to conflict between the two.

Critic Reviews

Matt Fowler from IGN explains how the series is getting a little bit repetitive after 5 seasons, yet it has the ability to surprise you. ¨ Five seasons into Cobra Kai, and there’s a definite pattern at play, though it still has room for twists and turns.¨

He continues by stating how the finale turned out differently in contrast to the character’s decision. ¨There’s just a moment of very poor decision-making on the part of our heroes that feels like it should lead them down a much different path than it does,” typed Fowler.

“The series seems unsure of itself as Season 5 rounds the final base and things get wrapped up cleaner than expected,¨ typed Fowler.

Germaine Lussier from Gizmodo describes how nostalgia from the Karate Kid reseonates in Cobra Kai. “The finale of season 5 was the best episode of Cobra Kai ever,” typed Lussier.

“The culmination of every Karate Kid fan’s dreams. Top to bottom action, suspense, character development, all while pushing the narrative to new and surprising places,¨ typed Lussier.

My Opinion

While I do recommend the show for people who love teen dramas, the show is really made for people who watched the 4 original Karate Kid movies as the show is its sequel.  

Season 5 not only incorporates Karate Kid, but also combines the characters from the last 4 seasons. Unlike other shows, the villains from previous seasons don’t disappear; they are incorporated in a new way.

Cobra Kai Season 5 has already surpassed all of my expectations, somehow combining all the other seasons without being repetitive.



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