Clarifying Cleft


David Walker and Vinay Sadhwani worked together to create a website that spreads awareness for Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip.

Walker and Sadhwani are both seniors at Leesville. Creating a website to spread awareness was not driven from a school project or assignment, but rather, it was completely voluntary.

The boys have personal connections to people who suffer from Cleft Palate or Cleft Lip. “The creation of this website is a personal initiative we took upon ourselves,” said Walker.

On the website, the home page describes the genetic condition, and the inspiration page describes Walker’s and Sadhwani’s personal connection to people who have the condition. 

There is also a stories page which includes recent accounts of diagnosed Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip patients. Sadhwani found through his research for this page that Cleft is more than a cosmetic disorder. If website viewers want a chance to share their story, there’s a google form which gives them a chance to tell their story via the website.

The main focus of the website is in the “How to Help?,” page. On this page, individuals who feel inspired by learning about the under-discussed condition can donate to the “Smile Train” in which proceeds go to the study and support of Cleft.

“It’s important to educate yourself and see how you can help because everyone deserves a smile,” said Sadhwani.

Thanks to Walker’s and Sadhwani’s extensive research and designing of their website, more people have the chance to learn about Cleft. To learn more or donate to the cause, visit


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