Dahmer Controversy


The new Dahmer series on NETFLIX has quickly risen to the top of the trending shows. Within the first full week of its release, the show had over 300+ million hours viewed.

About the Series

The series focuses on the life of Jeffrey Dahmer from his childhood all the way up to his sentence in prison. They explore the cause of his interest in examining animal carcasses, which lead to him expanding his hobby into human bodies.

The show also shows his court trials, scenes of murder, and family life. Each part helps the audience know who Dahmer was like and all the actions that lead up to his sentence.

Opinions on the Show

Carter Knox, a sophomore at Leesville Road High School, said, “I like the show because the creators did a good job with displaying the accurate life of Dahmer.”

“Every aspect of the show helped me understand him better as a person and know where his craziness came from,” said Knox.

No Familial Approval

Despite the show gaining tons of popularity, the creators also faced a ton of backlash for controversy. Some issues with the show include not having consent of the families of the victims and putting the LGBTQ tag on the series.

The families of the victims say they did not give consent of the makers of the show to have actors play their roles, and overall didn’t approve of the show being made because it retraumatized them of the events.

Knox said, “I believe the creators needed to use the roles of the families of the victims to accurately represent the events that occured. If they used anybody else or not included them, then the show wouldn’t be historically accurate. And I disagree with the families because I think the show should be viewed by the world to not let history repeat itself.”

Knox said the show needed to stick to the truth by having the proper roles filled, and the show should be viewed by the public so everyone is informed on how evil of a person he was.

Should there be an LGBTQ+ Tag?

As for the LGBTQ tag, NETFLIX quickly removed it due to the LGBTQ community not wanting the show to be labeled as one of them.

Hayden Chaney, a sophomore at Leesville Road High School, said, “The LGBTQ tag should be added back onto the series because Dahmer is a homosexual.”

“All of his killings were men, and he also had attraction to each one of them,” said Chaney. 

Dahmer had sexual relations with each of his victims. He even had a romantic relationship with one of them.

Although the show may receive a ton of hate from groups of people, the series continues to grow in popularity.


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