Upcoming Roblox Update

ROBLOX plans on adding new changes to expand their platform. With the update, they will grow larger and allow more room for creativity. (Photo courtesy of Kira Lamm)

On September 9, ROBLOX released new ideas for its next upcoming update. The new update consists of plans to fix security, create maturity levels, add convenient features, and expand their audience.

This update will be the biggest change the game has had in recent years. Fellow Robloxians have many opinions on the new update.

Arguably the biggest adjustment is the removal of chat filters for users over the age of 13+. 

Andrew Lieb, a Robloxian since 2015, said, “My favorite feature is being able to say certain abbreviations and not get tagged for it.”

The removal of the swear filter isn’t going to be the only change for maturity. ROBLOX is also planning on creating different maturity levels of games. Most similar to console games with ratings such as E for everyone, T for teens, and M for mature.

This would be a huge transition as the company is well known for generally being a kid’s game. 

“I think it’s important for a company’s reputation because it clears the idea of ROBLOX being a kids game,” said Lieb.

Kate Collins, a Robloxian since 2012, said, “I do agree with ROBLOX’s new maturity levels. ROBLOX isnt just a game for children; Teens like to play it often too.” Some of these more mature games could include more violence, gore, and NSFW.

ROBLOX also plans on expanding on its anti-cheat and verification systems. They want to limit the number of hackers that get advantages in games and steal other users’ accounts.

“I hate when people use hacks to get an advantage in games, which makes me lose,” said Lieb. Having fewer cheaters gives other players better chances to succeed in the games they play.

 “I think the new safety features are amazing. Lots of players have ways to hack, so this will keep the games fair,” said Collins.

Some of the other small features allow the game to run smoothly and make the player experience better. ROBLOX plans to add minimizing for mobile users, using the catalog in game, and removal of game copying.

With this new update coming soon, ROBLOX will be heading down a new path and only grow bigger and become better from here on out.


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