Student’s reaction to Mr. Solomon’s nomination


Every year, one principal in the Wake County area receives the opportunity to be the Principal of The Year. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Solomon, Leesville Road High School principal, is now a finalist for the award. 

Since 2019, the first year that Mr. Soloman was principal of LRHS, students and staff have loved and appreciated Mr. Solomons’s work to make Leesville a home and community for all students. 

Even if you have never talked to our principal, other students will describe Mr. Solomon as kind and generous. 

“I haven’t talked to him a lot, but I have heard he is extremely nice,” said Mikayla Harpy, a freshman at Leesville Road High School.

Being a principal is not only about enforcing the rules, it is also about getting to know the students, and making sure that they all feel welcome and safe. “I was new to the school last year. Mr. Solomon made me feel incredibly welcomed. After the first week of school, I could tell Leesville was a safe environment,” said Allison Bice, a senior.

“Mr. Solomon is cool. I always see him talking to students. We can all see he has a connection with them,” said Nasir Reid, a sophomore. There is no denying Mr. Solomon cares deeply about every student and staff at Leesville, this is shown through all his actions to make the school a safe place for all students.

Mr. Solomon has made efforts at helping students struggling to keep their grades up. “The 50% grading rule is amazing! It allows students to have more confidence in their work and not be scared to fail,” said Quinn Kelleher, a Junior. 

The 50% grading rule makes it so that the lowest grade a student can get is a 50%, and students will no longer receive 0% on tests on projects. This ensures that students will believe in themselves more and will go the extra mile having no fear of failure.

There is no way to dismiss the hard work that Mr. Solomon has put into making Leesville not only a community but a home. Leesville students along with the rest of the community believe no other principal deserves the award more than Mr. Solomon.


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