No Powderpuff this Homecoming Week?


The Powderpuff game is not a part of Leesville’s Homecoming week festivities for the 2022-23 school year. 

Every Homecoming week, the girls in each class practice about three times after school to play flag football, coached by the boys of their grade. 

The freshman play against the seniors, the sophomores play against the juniors, and whoever the victors are of each game plays each other to earn the winners of the Powderpuff game of that year.

There are no prizes other than bragging rights, but it is still a popular activity for every grade level. But, the date for the event is up in the air for this year.

“[Powderpuff] is not happening this Homecoming week because the field isn’t ready yet,” said Elliot Worth, a senior at Leesville and the president of the Executive Club.

“We don’t know when we’re going to have the field, so we’re going to set a date in October,” said Worth.

The field has been under construction since May 2022 to revamp the track. According to Worth, it should be ready by the Homecoming game which is September 28, instead of the 29 due to Hurricane Ian.

Many female students at Leesville are disappointed about there being no Powderpuff game this week.

“As a senior who won last year, it was really important and fun,” said Chelsea Thomas. “It brought together a lot of people that I didn’t know, but now I’m friends with.”

“It was my favorite part of Homecoming,” said Sophie Brewer, senior. “It’s so fun getting the chance to play on the field.”

“The seniors are going to take it this year,” said Brewer. “Just like we did last year,” said Thomas. 

Whenever the Powderpuff game happens, it will have the same energy and atmosphere as it does during Homecoming week.


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