Game Design Academy


This year, Leesville High School has their first year of the Game design Academy (GDA) students, but what does that entail for the GDA students?

Marianne Farina is the director for GDA and on the advisory board for GDA.

“[The Game Design Academy or GDA is a great resource that gets high school students ready for] “ any profession whether that be a 2 year or 4 year college or leaving high school and immediately getting a job,” said Farina. Those opportunities are “bringing in guest speakers [and] job shadowing.¨ said Farina. 

All students in GDA are required to have “[an] Internship is required between their junior and senior year and it’s a 120 hour internship,” said Farina. Students are required to follow the electives that are chosen by GDA. students get more freedom in their elective choice once they become a junior and senior but until then they must follow the classes picked out by the advisory board.

All students who join the Game Design Academy “travel with the same group of [42] students to first and second period,” said Farina. 

Kristopher Bengston is the English teacher for the GDA program.

“[Students] are going to be taking the same text as other classes are reading and instead of normal assignments. We are going to be creating projects that will be transferred into digital design,” said Bengston.



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