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A new class of freshmen have just been welcomed into LRHS! As the first week comes to a close, the freshmen tell us how they are adjusting to the school. 

Jayden Camilo, a 9 grader, shares what he thinks about the year so far. “It’s really early… and I’m tired,” said Camilo. He is looking forward to a good year and is planning on working hard in all his classes to get good grades. “I just want to pass and get all A’s.”

Siena Trainor, freshman, said, “I’m looking forward to meeting new people because there’s a lot of people coming to this school that I haven’t met yet.” 

Crawford Glover is a freshman as well as a member of the LRHS junior varsity football team. “It’s been a lot of fun and has overall been a great way to meet people,” said Glover. He also reflects on his experience so far: “I’ve learned a lot this year so far and will learn a lot more moving forward,” 

From new classes, to new friends, and new experiences, we are excited to see all that the class of 2026 will do. 

We will be staying in touch with these three freshmen as the school year progresses to see how they are adjusting to the new schedule as well as the much more independent environment. 


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