Jack Johnson: From Here to Now To You


Jack Johnson is an artist that you’ve heard whether you know it or not. Most people now know him as the writer of the “Curious George song.” A song that will turn the most gloomy mood into a day filled with sunshine. Even if you don’t know “Upside Down,” (the Curious George song), you have probably heard at least one of Jack Johnson’s sunshine capturing tunes. 

Born and raised in Hawaii, Jack Johnson has a special way of taking you to his home. From Here To Now To You takes everything that he has to offer, and puts it into one album. You will surely be amazed by his ability to put you swinging in a hammock on some tropical island. If you’ve been seeking a break from life, your vacation is waiting for you and it’s this album. The melodies flow through your body and takes you away to the ocean. 

From Here To Now To You goes through many different rhythms, tempos, and emotions, all with the untroubled strum of a guitar and the soft comforting voice of Jack Johnson. The album begins with “I Got You,” a more upbeat song tributed to his wife. The lyrics paint a picture of a simple life, needing nothing more than the company of those you love. 

Songs continue with this upbeat tempo throughout the first half of the album. Creating a smoothie for 2 on a beachfront porch, Don’t Believe A Thing I Say is where the album takes a rythimnic turn to a softer flow of music. From the back porch we take a few steps towards the water, wading knee deep in the breeze forgetting about all of our worries.

Johnson’s sixth studio album is his most comfortable album yet, and is just what you would expect from him. His super mellow vibe makes sense, since he has everything he needs — a happy loving family.

One of the strongest tracks on the project is “Tape Deck,” in which Johnson tells the story of his first band. The band planned to sound like a punk band “in the post-punk world,” but they ended up sounding like a folk band, since they were all just kids playing the guitar. As a result, their decision was made to make the least experienced guitarist the drummer. The fun thing about the song is that it details what it’s like to form a band for some kids in a school talent show. The childish innocence brings another aspect of peace and happiness to the song.

From here Jack Johnson has already shown us his home, his love for his wife, and the memory of his fun childhood. He’s used the same b-flat tuning to present this beautiful piece with the loose strum of his guitar. For “Ones and Zeros,” he switches up his tempo and tone for a second to mention the disappointing image of people spending all of their time worrying about time, money, and success which is destroying their view of the beauty of life.

Not to be ignored, Jack Johnson’s ability to completely remove a harsh reality is continued to the very last song of the album. “Home,” a song of rebuilding, takes every aspect of worry and replaces it with faith. He sings about how he needs to get back to his home where he will restore his dying garden, his broken house, his overgrown trail.

“And so I try to understand what I can’t hold in my hand. And whatever I find, I’ll find my way back to you. And if you could try to find it too. ‘Cause this place has overgrown it’s a waxing moon. Home is wherever we are if there’s love here too.” 

He says that home is wherever you are if there’s love. And so anywhere can be that day filled with sunshine as long as you find the love that’s present. A waxing moon gets brighter as the days go by. What Jack Johnson says he can’t hold in his hand is reality. If you find your way to understanding what life has presented to you, your life will get brighter.

 All of these words bring further meaning to the restoration of his “home.” The home he is talking about is the peace and love he has been describing in his previous songs. He is restoring the life within himself, showing that you don’t need to escape from your reality, but accept it and take care of it. 

From Here To Now To You brings you to complete peace and acceptance. From showing you what his home looks like, to showing you how to love your home. Jack Johnson’s words are delivered in a way that quickly makes any reality into a place you call home. 

Make Jack Johnson’s message a part of your life and unwrap the meaning of From Here To Now To You. “Here” is Jack Johnson’s life that he describes, “Now” is the reality that distracts us from peace and love, and “You” is restoring your reality into a more beautiful view of life.

Step into this ocean of music and you might find that your reality turns into a waxing moon.


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