Halo Infinite Review


Halo Infinite is a game developed by 343 industries and was available on November 15. 

The game in its current form has two modes: campaign mode and multiplayer. Each mode is a completely different experience. 

Infinite’s main selling point is its free to play multiplayer. The multiplayer is extremely fun with many types of gamemodes. Modes like Capture The Flag and Team Deathmatch are classics that help players learn how to play the game.

The weapon sandbox is also done very well. Each weapon has a purpose and is not overshadowed by another weapon. Not every weapon is good, however, as some of them fall short in many situations. 

Infinite has also added equipments to the game series. Equipments are ground picks that can help a player in battle. From a wall that blocks projectiles to a grappling hook, these equipments are a great addition to the game.

For more dedicated fans, Halo’s campaign mode will come with a price. The campaign will cost $60, but for players with Xbox game pass, the mode is free. The campaign is an open world style game with some more liner levels to keep the story going. Players can choose how to take fights, and if they want to do ‘side quests’ or just do the main story.

The story itself feels good for players who already know who the master chief is. But new players do not need to know anything about the Halo story. The game has the player fight an alien force called the Banished, who have defeated humanity leaving the player as the only person that can stop them. It is a classic one-man army type of story.

Infinite does have issues, however, mainly in the game’s customization system. With the game being free to play, many armor pieces are locked behind a paywall. This is the standard with free to play games but with Infinite it is extremely bad. Small things like a change of color could cost players up to $10. 

Another issue with the multiplayer is the progression system. Players can only level up via challenges, not by just playing the game. This forces players to focus on certain challenges and not play the game to just have fun. These challenges go into the game’s battle pass, which is fully cosmetic. 

Infinite is a great experience that anyone can play. The game overall works really well, even with its cosmetic issue. For players who do not want to spend money for a good game, Infinite feels that spot perfectly. But for people who want to enjoy cosmetizing their characters, the game falls a bit short. 

The overall rating for the game is an 8/10. Good story with engaging characters and enjoyable gameplay. But the cosmetic system could use a change.


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