What COVID Changes will Stick Around?

The Coronavirus Pandemic changed a lot in our lives from what we wear to the way we socialize. As much as we want this pandemic to end, there may be things that we continue to use and do. (Photo Courtesy of Kaelyn McCann)

Covid-19: a historical, ongoing, pandemic that has made massive changes in all of our lives. Hopefully, in the near future, our lives will go back to normal, but there are some changes that may stick around.


I know we all want masks to go away ASAP, but they may stay around. Not only do masks protect from Covid, but they can also protect from other illnesses like the flu. 

In the 2020/2021 flu season, only 646 people died from the flu compared to the 24,000 to 62,000 deaths in the 2019/2020 flu season, according to Health Hive.

Of course, last year most of us were at home, contributing to the low numbers. Though, even as the world starts opening and restrictions loosen, those numbers may stay relatively low due to masks.

After the pandemic ends, masks may become something that you only wear when you’re sick to protect others — even if you only have a common cold.

Working from Home

Working from home skyrocketed during the pandemic, for good reason too. It gives people more flexibility and more control over their work and home life. 

​​A Pew Research poll said, “more than half say, given a choice, they would want to keep working from home even after the pandemic.” Though, according to another Pew Research poll, lower-income people have fewer options for working from home.

Other things like online school and telemedicine have also gained popularity.

Virtual school can be beneficial for students as they become more independent. “Virtual school has helped me become more accountable and responsible over my work,” said Rania Brown, a sophomore at Leesville, over text.

The downside of working from home is the lack of motivation, specifically from younger people. “42% of workers ages 18 to 49 say this has been difficult for them compared with only 20% of workers 50 and older,” said Pew Research. 

For the most part, at-home school and work have been more accessible and helpful for a lot of people, like those with disabilities or mental health issues.

Curbside Pickup

Not having to get out of the car to get your food or that shirt you ordered online is amazing, especially as it gets colder this winter.

Curbside pickup has increased in popularity during the pandemic by 208%, according to a CNBC article

“I love curbside pickup because you don’t have to leave the car,” typed Brown. Not only does curbside decrease interaction and therefore the spread of the virus, but it also is much more convenient and usually quicker than ordering something to your house. 

No shipping means a lower “risk of damaged or stolen packages,” and a better experience for customers said The Mail Record

While Covid-19 is a negative situation, there are a lot of positives with the new things popularized to help us overcome this pandemic.


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