What you can do with the New Door Opener


Wake County has been bestowing door openers to every teacher this year. So today we are going to try out how it can be used.

The door openers sell for about $8. If every teacher in the Wake County Public School Area  (there are around 10,421 teachers counted in 2018-2019) received one, Wake County spent around $83,368 on door openers.

So, when given a gift, what do you do? You use it. 

My team and I used this door opener on many things to see if it works. Let’s see the results.


Looking at all the videos in the compilation, the door opener has exceeded our expectations and blew our minds at how useful it can actually be. What do you think?


  1. Ha. Not ha ha. Not HA! And certainly not LOL.
    But I didn’t like the slap. Maybe I should get a sense of humor, but I don’t even like the IDEA of violence.
    Anyway, please tell the editors to change how the category of this article, from News (which it really isn’t) to Satire (which is what it is).


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