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Contributors: Alexis Mast and Kyla McGhee 


Sibiling Love


He hid his phone 😂😂

♬ original sound – The Nylands

 A one minute video of a friendship between two brothers can take you back in time. The wholesome play-fighting and messing around reminds you just how nice it is to have a sibling. 


A Dog Backpack


being carried > walking 🥰 #puppy #foryou #fyp #smile #happydoggie #puppytiktok

♬ original sound – jules🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

Nothing like a video of a lazy dog can be so joyful. This quick clip of a dog being carried as a backpack is not only funny, but also adorable. 


Harry Styles Reaching 100 Million Streams

Harry Styles continues to make history. This morning he became the first male solo artist to have all of his songs reach over 100 million streams on Spotify. 


Dune Part 2


Legendary Entertainment announced the release date for the sequel to Dune. Right now, the movie is set for October 23, 2023.   


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