The Reality of Going Off Campus


While going off campus for lunch is a privilege, the actual experience is overrated for some students.

Students at Leesville Road High School get forty minutes for off-campus lunch. Students with “lunch A” start at 10:27 AM, and students with “lunch B” start at 12:02 PM.

The Lunch Rush

Students’ first priority during their lunch period is getting their lunch passes checked by an administrator. 

Luke Lovic, a junior, explained the consequences of not keeping up with his lunch pass 100% of the time. “Sometimes I leave my pass in my car, so I have to stay on campus with no food,” said Lovic.

After an administrator sees a student’s lunch pass, students rush out of school. “It’s crazy in the parking lot at lunch, everyone’s speeding out and there’s people everywhere,” said Lovic.

No matter what a student does when they are off campus for lunch, they have to account for the time it will take to get back to class. 

Mason Scott, a senior, explained the stress of going off campus and being back at school in time. 

“Even though I’ve been going off campus for two years, I still can never manage my time right,” said Scott.

Students typically feel rushed, and if they’re driving to get food, they don’t end up getting much time to eat. “My first priority is getting food and getting back to school, it’s not even eating,” said Scott.

Early Lunch Problems 

In addition to the mess of going off campus, students with “A lunch” typically struggle to find food places that open before 10:30 AM. “My food options are limited in comparison to B lunch,” said Lovic. 

Both Moe’s Southwest Grill and Back Yard Burger don’t open until 11:00 AM. “Two of my favorite places to eat are closed during my lunch,” said Lovic.

“Sometimes I would rather just pack lunch and stay on campus to avoid the craziness of going off,” said Lovic.

Going off campus for lunch is a gift and a challenge for Leesville students. 


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