The Dallas Cowboys Easy Pass To The Playoffs


The Dallas Cowboys Started the 21-22 NFL season with a loss, but they have been winning ever since.

The Cowboys aren’t the best team in the league, but they have gotten lucky with who they have scheduled. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Cowboys 31 – 29, but no one expected the Cowboys to win.

The Dallas Cowboys have won against the LA Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, and New England Patriots. Those matchups were in the Cowboy’s favor. 

In week 3, the Cowboys ran the ball well through the Eagles’ defective line. The Cowboys are going to play the Eagles again in week 18.

Some other teams the Cowboys are playing in upcoming weeks are the Vikings, the Broncos, the Saints, the Washington Football Team, the Giants, and the Eagles. The NFC east contains the 2-5 Washington Football Team, the 2-5 Eagles, and the 2-5 Giants. These three teams are not very likely to This gives the Cowboys multiple easy wins.

If the Cowboys win all of those games, they will be in the playoff. The only games that the Cowboys would struggle against are the Falcons and the Raiders, but those are only two games that the Cowboys would most likely lose. When compared to the other 14 possible wins, these games don’t matter as much.

The Cowboys have an easy pass to the playoffs, they just have to take it.



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