LRHS SNAC Club Off to a Great Start!


SNAC stands for Special Needs Awareness Club, and it is filled with students who genuinely care about inclusivity and diversity at Leesville. 

“I wanted to join SNAC club because I thought it would be a good opportunity to interact with students I usually don’t, and I thought it would be good to do, and it interests me,” says Macon Poundstone, a junior at Leesville. 

Students who participate in SNAC club go into the special needs classrooms during lunch to do a variety of activities.

“We play games, make crafts, and just have fun with the special needs kids at school,” says Savannah Mudd, also a junior. 

The members of the club are split into three groups: one for A Lunch and two for B Lunch. A Lunch and B Lunch group one meet on every other Wednesday, while the following Wednesdays are B lunch group two. 

“I think that it definitely does [promote inclusivity and diversity] because it kinda gives people more of an outlook and an education on special needs and just kind of understanding their thought process and just their person as a whole and I think it’s really great for everyone to interact with them,” says Tanner Langlois, a junior at Leesville.

SNAC Club’s next meetings are on November 3 for A lunch and B lunch group one and October 27 for B lunch group two. 

Students are free to join at any time of the year by meeting at Room 2202 when the three groups meet.


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