The Leesville Restroom Controversy


On October 14, near the end of 4th period, Principal Solomon made an announcement addressing the ongoing destruction of the Leesville bathrooms. 

He said that any student who knows who is committing these acts of vandalism can turn them in for a $250 reward. 

This destruction, however, has been going on since at least 2019. I remember seeing pictures and videos on social media of students wrapping paper towels around the whole bathroom and bringing furniture from the hall inside of the bathroom.

(Photo Used with Permission of Jackson Paden)

There are also lots of restrooms such as the one pictured on the 2nd floor of the main building that do not have any working soap or paper towel dispensers, which are just a health hazard especially with COVID going around.

Some students thought the reward was a great idea. “It did get someone caught and it did make sure someone had a consequence for their actions,” said Anika Ruff, a senior here at Leesville.

Some students, however, disagree with this method. 

“For future incidents at this school, people will be looking for money and a reward just to do the right thing,” said Josh Thompson, a senior at Leesville. 

I unfortunately could not find anyone who received  the $250, but there was a rumor that it was a gift card or some form of school credit. Administration has since dispelled these rumors with Principal Solomon saying in an email, “It will be monetary.”

No matter how students and faculty feel about this method, the one thing we know to be true is these acts of vandalism are very immature, and as a community, we have to put a stop to these illegal activities.


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