The 2021 Junior Class Council


This year, Leesville’s junior class council plans to make the year great. 

Now that they are upperclassmen, the junior class council has more responsibilities. “Freshman and sophomore year we didn’t have control over much, but this year we have a say in things like homecoming and prom,” said Emma Farabaugh, treasurer. 

“It’s exciting because now that we are older and have been here for a few years we have more of a voice in what goes on in our school,” said Jeslyn Camilo, president. 

Similar to previous years, junior council members have many responsibilities. Responsibilities include decorating the hallways for homecoming and planning out some aspects of prom. 

“I’m really excited about being able to plan prom. I feel like growing up we have all had our ideas of a dream prom, so now that we actually get the chance to plan it and make our dreams come true is so cool,” said Alexis Mast, co-vice president. 

“We have already started thinking about some different themes for prom. We feel like the same themes are used over and over so this year we want to do something different and fresh,” said Farabaugh. 

Outside of their regular tasks, the officers decide on some extra activities for the council to participate in. 

“This year I am trying to organize two service opportunities for the council to do as a whole. I want to have everyone volunteer at the food bank but because of Covid we might not be able to with the number of people,” said Camilo. 

Since it is still the beginning of the year, many plans aren’t final — follow the junior class council on Instagram to keep up with their plans and activities during the year, @leesvillecouncil23


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