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Robert F. Kennedy Killer Granted Parole

Robert F. Kennedy, the beloved United States senator from New York and 1968 presidential candidate, was assassinated almost immediately after winning California’s presidential primary that year. 

Sirhan Sirhan, his killer, has been granted parole after 53 years behind bars. 

The California Parole Board will review his parole for the next ninety days. After the ninety days, Gavin Newsom, the Governor Of California has thirty days to decide whether or not to pardon Sirhan. 

“I would never put myself in jeopardy again. You have my pledge. I will always look to safety and peace and nonviolence,” said Sirhan. 

Rory Kennedy, Kennedy’s daughter, never got to meet her father and believes that the killer does not deserve parole. In fact, at his last parole hearing in 2016 he said, “I was there, and I supposedly shot a gun.” The fact that Sirhan said “supposedly” shows that he does not feel remorse and will not even accept that he committed the crime.

The motive for the assassination was Kennedy’s support for Israeal, the only Jewish state in the world. 

Sirhan was actually an admirer of Kennedy, but Sirhan believed that the support Kennedy had for Israel betrayed Sirhan. The date of Kennedy’s assassination actually took place one year after the Six-Day War. 

Kennedy’s death was very impactful. Apart from Teddy Kennedy’s loss in the 1980 Presidential Primaries, no other Kennedy came close to winning national office ever again. It is very likely, almost certain, that Kennedy’s assassination cost the Democrats the 1968 Presidential Election.

Noah Derucher, staff writer
Noah Derucher, staff writer
Hi! My name is Noah and I am a staff writer on The Mycenaean. I am on the Executive Council, and also am on the Autism Spectrum, which is actually helpful for memorizing facts and retaining information.

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