Renegades: A novel by Marissa Meyer

Renegades by Marissa Meyer tells the story of Nova and Adrian, two kids on opposite sides of a broken world; a twist on the classic tale of heroes versus villains.

In her novel, Renegades, Marissa Myers paints a vivid picture of a broken world where a superhero oligarchy known as The Renegades rules over the people of Gatlon City, and a rebel Anarchist group hides in the shadows. 

The story follows Nova, an Anarchist, and Adrian, the son of two Renegade leaders. During an Anarchist plot to infiltrate the Renegades, Adrian and Nova meet. The story rewrites the meanings of “good” and “evil”, all while keeping things light with a fun comic book-esque tone.

Overall, Renegades was an incredible read; it kept me interested the entire time with its fast-paced plot and engaging characters. Each page has something new–none of the plot or dialogue was repetitive. On top of that, there was always a possible threat hanging over the characters, keeping the stakes high and the reader wanting to know what happens next.

My favorite part of this book was definitely the characters. They were inclusive to both race and sexuality, and this representation adds so much to the story as a whole. Each character — especially the minor characters — was well-written and had their moments to make an impact on the plot. 

The character’s interactions with each other made the story a lot more fun. Both Nova’s Anarchist group and Adrian’s Renegade team have great chemistry, contributing to their relationships and the storyline of the book.

My only complaint about the story is the number of cliches it contains. A lot of the dialogue was cheesy and awkward, but it did help lighten the mood during some of the less serious fight scenes. The rivals-to-lovers dynamic between the two main characters has become a popular trope lately, and some may find it overused — however, I enjoyed their relationship. It was hard to find much about this book I didn’t like.


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