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Photo courtesy of Marie Cox

Contributors: Francis Fleming and Savannah Sinor 


Propeller Tail



This little dog makes a crazy jump over a tall fence using its tail as a little propeller! The dog soars through the sky like tails from sonic and even looks like him too.


The Dog and the Door Stopper



Most people at some time in their life have knocked around the spring on a door stopper and have seen how fun that can be. This adorable little puppy is enjoying its first experience with one as it bounces up and down playfully batting at the door stopper.


A Sunbathing Kangaroo?



Down in New South Wales, Australia, this little joey is enjoying his time in the sun. He and the rest of his kangaroo friends decided to take a quick break when @wavestowildernessexperiences recorded his stretch.


Snacking with Quokkas



These cute little creatures are a type of small wallaby native to Western Australia, specifically Rottnest Island. They may not be what first comes to mind when thinking of adorable animals, but these quokkas sure are charming.


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