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Photo courtesy of Marie Cox

Fluffy Mice?



These little creatures in the video are texel mice, a special breed of mouse who are bred to have fluffy and curly coats. While they are not the most useful animals in any sense, they make adorable companions that can fit in your pocket.


Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover



Everyone, even the less fortunate, have the ability to show kindness to others. No matter who you are, giving back and showing gratitude is so important and meaningful. 


Painting with Bunnies



Basil is a mini lop rabbit and an adorable influencer. A rescue found Basil abandoned on the side of the road cold and underweight but today she lives a lavish life as a free range rabbit allowed to eat treats, run around, and even paint!


A Good Samaritan



A good samaritan jumps onto the tracks to help a fallen straphanger on the @mta tracks ##newyorkcity ##nycsubway ##rescue ##unionsquare

♬ come into my arms – november


These people did not think twice about helping a man in danger. When others are in trouble it is our job as good humans to help as best we can, and this video does well reminding us of that.


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