An Overview of School Chromebooks


Leesville has recently distributed Chromebooks for in-school and at-home work. These chromebooks have many features that are beneficial for the everyday student.

The provided Chromebooks have a very nice processor and allow for quick navigation between tabs and docs. Additionally, they have a touchscreen system that can help simplify browsing and can allow anyone to be a productive student. The Chromebooks also include plenty of storage space that allows students to use as many documents as needed for their assignments.

A student being able to customize their platform can be the difference between success and failure in a learning environment. Even though the Chromebooks are monitored by the school, they have many customization options. Thanks to the LRHS administration and staff, students are able to adapt each Chromebook to their own liking.

These computers will change the way lessons are taught, and the way students can study and receive information. There is so much ease in learning when the lessons are interactive and inclusive of everyone such as a classwide Kahoot or a teacher using Quizizz.

Now that everyone has their own device, more interactive lessons through Google Classroom or Canvas can be taught by teachers. Students feel more included and are more focused while these lessons are being taught. Cameron Baker is a senior who received a new Chromebook at LRHS.

“I believe they are a very useful tool that allows further expansion of education. I love how fast it loads,” said Baker.

In the end, new technology is always a plus, and these Chromebooks are a huge step forward in the LRHS community.


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