Peer Pressure


LRHS students have a lot going on: Getting up early, doing your homework, studying, exercise, working, etc. This often makes you feel overwhelmed and stressed about your many responsibilities. 

Peer pressure can make high school an even greater obstacle. It can cause things like depression, anxiety, and a lot of stress.

¨There’s different types of pressure like making a person feel bad or insulting them,” said Cian Ryan, a sophomore. ”So that they will eventually do what you want, threatening to end a friendship, there’s also the unspoken form where you just see everyone else doing something so you wanna do it too.”

Now most people will say that peer pressure is not good, but it can also be used in a positive meaning. This may include convincing your peers to be honest:

  • Avoid drug use
  • give up alcohol
  • respect others
  • work hard
  •  exercise
  • be kind
  • responsible, etc. 

Friends can have a great influence and influence on you, so having good friends around you will make a big difference. Having the right friends and making the right decisions can make peer pressure positive. 

¨I’ve had people tell me you shouldn’t hang out with them since they uh vape and smoke, and umm they always skip class,” says Adrian Dao, a sophomore, in a phone interview. “So not all peer pressure is bad. Some helped me not go down a wrong path.” 

Then again any outside influence whether positive or negative is an influence that makes you do something you wouldn’t.


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