Lucifer, Season Six Review

After hyping it up for the past month, Netflix finally released the last season of the TV show Lucifer. This season promises to wrap up all the cliffhangers left by season five and give the characters the happy ending they deserve. (Screenshot courtesy of Savannah Sinor).

Lucifer, a popular TV show, has rocketed into Netflix’s top ten after the streaming service released its sixth and final season on September 10.


Lucifer follows Chloe Decker, a LA detective, and Lucifer, the literal Devil. They solve crimes and deal with celestial problems. 

At the end of season five, God retired and moved to a different universe, leaving Lucifer to replace him as God.

Season six picks up where season five left off. But before Lucifer can take the last step and become God, something comes in his way, Rory — a new angel set on hurting him. 

This angel quickly revealed herself to be the half-angel daughter of Lucifer and Chloe who traveled back in time from the future. The rest of the season follows the parents as they deal with their daughter and the drama that comes with her.

While Chloe and Lucifer are caught up in their issues, everyone else has their own problems to deal with. 

After being brought up from Hell, Detective Daniel Espinoza walks Earth as a ghost and struggles to figure out how to be worthy of Heaven. 

As a new rookie cop, Amenadiel (Lucifer’s brother) tries his best to fit in with the rest of the officers while balancing his angel duties.

Mazikeen (head demon of Hell) and Eve attempt to rebuild their relationship. 

Ella Lopez (LAPD’s forensic expert) is working on her newfound trust issues, leftover from her serial killer ex-boyfriend, Pete.

All the little strings leftover from the previous seasons come up again, and the show wraps up loose plot lines.


Over the years, Lucifer has run into many problems. From getting dropped by Fox to having to cut filming short because of the pandemic.

After three seasons, Fox decided Lucifer was not worth it and dropped the show. Fans were distraught over the news because season three ended on a cliffhanger and should not have been the final season.

Thankfully, Netflix picked up the show and filmed seasons four and five. After being released on Netflix, Lucifer rose in popularity until it became the hit it is today. 

The streaming service meant for season five to be the final season, which, of course, made fans sad to see the show go. However, before they could even see the season, Covid-19 hit and cut filming for the season in half. Eventually, Netflix released season five in two parts. 

When they finished filming, the producers also decided that Lucifer could have one more season, but it would have to be the final season. 

With that being said, fans rejoiced, but also resigned themselves to the fact that this season would be the last one.

Even season six of Lucifer had its problems with filming during the pandemic. In January 2021, production almost stopped because of the rising Covid cases in Los Angeles, where the show was filmed, but they pulled through and finished the season. 

Even with all the problems Lucifer has faced over the years, they made it through and ended up with a fantastic show.


Season six of Lucifer was excellent and was a great way to end the show. There were worries it would not top season five, which finally brought God down to earth and had a fight to the death between the angels. Despite these concerns, the season turned out fantastic and topped last season.

All the character arcs wrapped up nicely, and there were very few problems left untouched. 

The most significant issues that stood out this season were Trixie’s role in it and the last episode.

Trixie, Chloe’s preteen daughter, was barely there, and it seemed like the show often forgot she existed. While Chloe and Lucifer discuss their future together and life-changing decisions, they don’t mention Trixie at all. Chloe is now a single parent, so Trixie should play a major role in her choices, but she is never brought up.

It was a minor annoyance that Trixie was not there as much as she should have been, but it is understandable because of the scheduling difficulties with Scarlett Estevez, the actress who plays her.

The season finale itself was a little lackluster. The writers tried to bring in a villain last minute, but it did not work. Le Mac’s whole storyline as a murderer who wants to kill Lucifer was short-lived and not developed enough compared to the other seasons’ villains.

However, the final ten minutes of this episode made up for this mistake. Fans get to see a montage of all the characters’ happy endings. And the final lines of the show, Lucifer’s “Hello Detective” and Chloe’s response, “I thought you could use a partner,” were a nice call back to their history as partners and a great way to end.

Despite a couple of hiccups, season six of Lucifer was wonderful and far better than the average final season of a show.


*Spoiler Alert*

Critics seem to agree about this season. While it was not flawless, it was a decent conclusion to the show.

Sara Netzley, a writer from Entertainment Weekly, pointed out a few issues but was otherwise happy with the ending.

“I’m not quite sure why Rory was so insistent that soul-saving in Hell had to be a full-time job during her formative years,” wrote Netzley.

The whole reason Rory came back to the past was to stop Lucifer from being so absent during her childhood. To see her now support that decision and actively argue for it was odd. But this out-of-character choice relates to the show’s time travel rules. 

Rory briefly explained how she believed she had created a time loop and that the only way for everything to work out all right was for Lucifer to be an absent father to his daughter. 

It’s a little underdeveloped, but this reasoning works.

Despite her dislike for the ending, Netzley writes “was it a perfect ending? Well no, but this has always been a perfectly imperfect show.”

Juliet Bennett Rylah, a writer for IGN, thought this season was “a fun, touching season to cap a fun series with a great cast that sells it, silliness and all.”

Though Rylah did point out that “season 6 could have done more with less, but instead chose to write itself into some very complicated corners that don’t quite pay off,” she overall enjoyed the season.

Despite the issues, season six wrapped up Lucifer nicely, and fans will be sad to see it go.


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