Cats at Leesville Road High School Parking Lot


The Leesville Road High School student parking lot is home to a group of cats.

The cats are scared of humans, so only a few students have had the honor of seeing them. 

Students involved in sports at Leesville have a higher chance of seeing the cats. 

Kaylee Miller, a junior at Leesville, has been on the softball team the past two years. She sees the cats while running in the parking lot. “I have seen the cats around the staircase and running towards the softball field,” said Miller.

Miller saw the when the parking lot was almost empty after school hours. “The cats must be scared of humans because I never see them during school,” said Miller.

Lindsay Rhoades, a junior at Leesville, is another one of the few students who has seen the cats. She’s seen them hiding in the bushes around the main staircase that leads to the parking lot. “ I saw them once when it was very early in the morning and I was at school for sports med and then I never saw them again,” said Rhoades.

While some people unexpectedly see the cats at Leesville, others make an attempt to see them. On the back corner of the parking lot, there is a Tupperware container that people put food in.

Sometimes, the parking lot monitor, George, leaves cat food in the Tupperware for the cats to enjoy.

While the cats at may not be commonly seen, they are just as much a part of Leesville as the students are.


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