Curious About George?

George, pictured above, is posing in front of the class of 2017 wall. George spends most of his time outside patrolling the entry ways and parking lot.

If you are in the student parking lot daily, you know George. Every morning he patrols traffic and during the day, while we are all in class, he walks through the parking lot and secures the entrances/exits.

“A normal day… I arrive, clock in and go to the parking lot and walk around making sure nobody is having any problems. I’m mostly just here to be visible and so you guys know that there’s somebody out here,” said George.

Though many people know of George, and see him often in the parking lot, not many people truly know George. Due to his humble roots and manner, George rarely talks about himself. He loves his students and truly does care about protecting them; therefore whenever you go to say “hi” or “What’s up?” to George– he will always turn it around and ask how you are doing.

“Students this year have been great; they have been every year,” said George.

So have you ever wondered about George? He will always wave back to you and be there when you need him too, but what is his story?

Well, George simply puts it as “I’m a country boy,” and if you have ever heard him talk– you would know this is true. However, I wanted to know more about George, so I asked him a few questions. Below are George’s answers, giving Leesville a little more insight regarding our super cool security officer.

What do you eat for lunch?

“Well, whatever is in the cafeteria”

What is your favorite movie?

“I have watched so many movies I really can’t decide”

How often do you give tickets?

“Nothing like I used too; the kids have really gotten better at having there… well I hate calling them kids… young adults, have gotten better at hanging their passes. But if someone is over the line or they are speeding or something that is dangerous– I will give them a ticket.”

What’s your ideal vacation?

“All summer just laying around and doing nothing.”

What is your favorite pass time?

“Definitely reading. I don’t have a favorite… I just read.”

What’s your favorite thing to do in Raleigh?

“I never go to Raleigh; the traffic is too bad. I stay away from cities. I’m a country boy.”

What are some things we don’t know about you?

“I grew up in Johnston County, in a small town and at the time I was growing up there was nothing but dirt roads, so you did a lot of walking. I cut firewood– stuff like that you know. Then as I grew up, I played football at Millbrook, then I went to Garner… just a little student.”

“I love hiking; unfortunately, as I gotten older it’s a lot harder.”

What’s the coolest place you have ever traveled to?

“New England, in the fall… just driving around. It was beautiful.”


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