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College Resources Available to Leesville Seniors

The season of applying to college is here, and many seniors are rushing to figure out where they want to further their education. This can be a very difficult process, but there are many college resources available to Leesville seniors. 

The college admissions process is already very competitive and going to a large school in wake county makes it even harder for Leeville students. 

Because of this, some students hire a college advisor or another form of mentor to help with college applications. However, if you don’t want to hire a college advisor, there’s no reason to worry. There are resources here at Leesville to help. 

The main resource you have is the counselor assigned to you based on your last name:

Nadara Albanese  Counselor A-Cl nalbanese@wcpss.net
Pamela Saldanha Counselor Co-Go + ESL pleech-saldanha@wcpss.net
Katie O’Riordan Counselor Gr-K koriordan@wcpss.net
Sabra Feeney
Counselor L-Or sfeeney@wcpss.net
Vanta Rogers Counselor Os-Sl  vrogers2@wcpss.net
Sarah Oxendine  Counselor Sm-Z  soxendine@wcpss.net

There are also other staff members that you may contact if needed.

Eric J. Greene   Dean of Students  egreene@wcpss.net
Rasheedah Fletcher Academic Support Counselor rfletcher@wcpss.net
Dr. Jessica Huber           Student Assistance Program Counselor jhuber@wcpss.net
Erin Hensler Intervention Coordinator ehensler@wcpss.net
Mary Ann Norwood Financial Aid (starting Sept. 20) mnorwood@wcpss.net

If you do not find the help you are looking for from your counselor, there are many other resources available to Leesville students.

Starting off the college search process, it might be hard to decide where you want to apply. Here are some resources from the Leesville Student Services website to help you narrow down your college list and discover what you might want in a college. 

If you need help with a college application timeline, teacher recommendations, or general information on how to apply for college, view the senior page on the Student Services website.

There are many other resources outside of what Leesville offers, and some are listed on the Student Services website. Here, you can find college planning websites, college athlete resources, and websites touching on college fairs and tours. 

So seniors, know that there are plenty of college resources available to Leesville seniors. For any information you may need to know about the college application process, give the Leesville Student Services website a visit.


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