Online School vs. In-Person School

Poster in the downstairs main building stating the 3 W's. Wearing a mask, Washing your hands, and Wait (6 ft), this helps stop the spread of the Covid-19 in the school. (Photo courtesy of Sohail Jumma)

As of August 23, 2021, Students at Leesville Road high school have returned to start a new school year. Leesville Road high school and Wake county is still enforcing the 3 W’s, wearing a mask, washing your hands and watching your distance.

Jeremiah Dehner, a sophomore, said, “It was hard to adjust to wearing masks” via text . When asked about his transition from online school to in class Dehner Said,¨The same but different, it’s the little things that make all the difference.¨

Dehner when asked about why students are preferring in-class school classes ¨I think that after spending a year losing contact with people, students prefer being back in a traditional school environment.

Many students feel that learning online has a negative effect on them, by learning in class students feel like they can understand more. Establishing connections with students and teachers through conversation and simple interaction is an important aspect of the school environment. Some students believe that face-to-face talks with teachers and classmates include a certain kind of energy that cannot be duplicated on a screen.

There are also good things about virtual school, of course. Students can sleep more because they don’t have to worry about packing a lunch or travel time 

¨It helps you be more responsible since it’s much more independent, ¨ Dehner  said. ¨In the time between classes students usually would have to walk to their next class but instead you can review for a test or finish an assignment. ¨

While comparing the two different styles of teaching (In-class and online school) he was asked how it felt to be back, Dehner said compared to last year this year felt much more traditional.

Regardless of the adjustments, students at Leesville High School are ready to adapt and prepare for change.


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