College Applications Season

The CommonApp is used by most everyone who is applying to colleges nowadays. It makes the application process quicker and relatively easier to handle. (Photo Courtesy of Gretchen Stern)

It is that time of year where seniors all over the country are filling out college applications. There are those applying to a dozen schools who have already completed multiple applications, all the way to those who barely know where to apply, much less have started any work. 

Deciding where to spend four years of your life is a big deal, and people must think carefully when making their decision. When thinking about the countless options — there are almost 4,000 colleges in the U.S. alone — it can seem rather overwhelming. However, depending on a person’s preference on location and what subjects they are interested in, that list narrows down quickly. 

Josh Thompson, a senior at Leesville Road High School, said that he is  “thinking more in-state college for in-state tuition.” Schools like UNCW, App State, ECU, and NC State are all on his list.

Choosing a college is not just about the school itself, but the environment you want to live in. Do you like warm weather? Or do you prefer the cold? Do you want to be in a city? Or would you prefer a small town?

While most Leesville students seem to utilize their in-state tuition advantage to go to schools like UNC or State, some are venturing to other places around the country. Some students have boundaries like not wanting to go anywhere more Northern than New Jersey, but some are willing to go overseas to schools in Europe.

Aditi Yerra, a senior at LRHS, said she is applying to UNC Chapel Hill, UVA, John Hopkins, and a few more. “ I applied to the schools in-state that I knew were good, and then out-of-state I applied to schools with good science programs,” she said. She also emphasized that she wants to go to a big school, as she believes there are many more opportunities for research among other things. 

One big thing students are using to work on and submit college applications is the CommonApp system. The student fills out a general profile section and then can complete the applications for each individual school — the CommonApp lets a person apply to up to 20 schools. The format and user-friendliness makes filling out applications much easier to manage and possibly a little less overwhelming. 

With around 500 students in the senior class, there is an almost limitless amount of possibilities regarding where everyone could end up after high school. During this stressful time, seniors must remember that there is a finish line in sight — and they should cherish every moment of this process because although it is demanding, it is worth it.


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