Breakfast At Leesville


We are always told breakfast is the most important meal of the day — but how many students at Leesville actually eat their morning meal? The rush to wake up, get ready, and hurry to school might leave some people with no time for the “required” first meal of the day. 

Most students questioned seemed to not let any of these become a factor in their morning.

A student with A lunch (10:27-11:07) was asked if the early time of their lunch was a factor in whether or not they skipped breakfast.

“I do eat breakfast in the morning because I prefer meals over sleep… I can run on four hours of sleep, but I can’t run without breakfast. I do eat lunch too because I get hungry at that time. It’s kind of habit at this point,” said Jack Goodwin, a junior at Leesville Road High School.

A second question is what do students here at Leesville eat for breakfast?

“In the morning I will usually eat oatmeal with protein powder in it. I think it’s important to eat breakfast in the morning and a good breakfast because it fuels your body for the day and you shouldn’t be hungry at school,” said Haley Lamme, a sophomore at Leesville. 


Free Breakfast At Leesville 


“Here we serve chicken biscuits, Lucky Charms cereal, we do yogurt and cracker boxes, we do turkey biscuits and more. I’m feeding about 50 kids right now for breakfast, each day it keeps going up as they kids realized they can get it for free all year long. They come in and feed themselves before class which is a great thing because breakfast is your most important part of the day,” said Jennifer Buck, the Cafeteria Manager at Leesville.

“It is very important for people to eat a good breakfast every morning because you’ve had so many hours before waking up that you haven’t been eating so your body doesn’t have any energy to start processing the energy for that day” said Mrs. Schweigner, a food teacher at Leesville Road High School, as well as a registered dietitian. “A good meal for anyone to eat for breakfast would be something that has a lot of different components in it. So a little bit of fruit, a little bit of grains, maybe a little bit of fat that will sustain you for the day. Stay away from high sugar items because your glucose levels or sugar levels will spike then drop down and it’s not going to maintain you giving you the energy you need for the day.”

Even through rushed mornings, many students at Leesville have found time to be able to enjoy their first meal of the day, and they can try to make it a healthy one at that.


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