Free Guy Movie Review


Ryan Reynolds stars in another hit comedy, Free Guy, following Guy, a regular bank teller in a regular world. 

One catch though, his world is actually a video game, and no one realizes it. 

When Guy first saw Mollie, a player, he fell in love instantly, gained a human consciousness, and found out he could use the sunglasses that players used. When he did, he raised his level up by helping NPC’s out and stopping a lot of the violence that the NPC’s had to go through everyday so he could find her and talk to her again. 

He became a big hit in our world and everyone loved him, but they believed him to be a hacker since he was in an NPC (non playable character) costume, which no one can use, but still playing the game. 

But with all this newfound attention, he also got attention from the “creator” of the game, Antwan, who actually copied Keys (the video game developer) and Mollie’s game and made it into his own version, but with violence. He saw how Guy was helping everyone, and he decided it would be a fun idea to make a sequel to the game, because he knew if he made Guy have a skin in the game, then other people would want to play as Guy as well.

Only problem is that with the sequel coming out, he will delete the original copies in the game, basically killing Guy and all his NPC friends with him. Now it is up to Guy, Mollie, and Keys to find the original copy of the game, which Antwan hid somewhere in his game, so they could show that Antwan stole their game and they could get him taken away to jail, while saving Guy’s world. In the end, they were able to find the programming on a live stream for the world to see, and they got the original game back where all the NPCs could thrive.

I actually enjoyed this movie very much because of how accurate all the perspectives were. They didn’t just show Guy’s perspective, but we also see the people behind the screen of the video game, and the workers, and there was a lot of representation in the game, not to mention they were also right about how people act behind the scenes, like the guy who lived in his mom’s home and was live streaming, and the children catfishing with the profile. 

I also enjoyed how they had a lot of pop culture references in the movie, and how even if you never played any video games you would still understand everything happening. One of my favorite scenes was when famous streamers made an appearance in the movie, and when Chris Evans made a tiny comedic appearance when Guy ended up using Captain America’s shield. 

With all these funny moments happening, I felt I couldn’t enjoy the movie at its peak, because of the romance and unneeded sentimental scenes. I couldn’t keep up with it and it all became unnecessary and complicated.

Mollie’s and Guy’s relationship in the movie was practically useless and there was no communication. If they were going to make Keys and Mollie end up together then they should have shown more chemistry between  those two then make a date scene with her and Guy. 

I also didn’t like the unnecessary sentimental scenes that had Guy stop in the middle of what he was doing to admire and be wholesome, and it’s in the middle of an important scene too, but he’s just standing there, and I feel impatient and wanted him to hurry up. When this scene occurred, one of the movie reviews came into my head, that said, “So much energy has been poured into the creation of Free City that the plot suffered as a result.” written by Ian Sandwell, Digital Spy

Overall I would rate this movie around 7/10, the comedy was great and so were the references, but they didn’t need the romance to make it a good movie. If you love laughing and romance, then I really suggest you watch this movie.


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