Student’s Summer Highlights

Leesville senior Christina Hupp with family members. Over the summer, many students visited with people important to them. (Used by permission of Christina Hupp)

Leesville Road High School students spent their summer doing all sorts of activities, from exciting travels to relaxing days at home with family. 

One student who had a very busy summer is Christina Hupp, a senior at Leesville Road High School. “First my family and I went to California, and that was the first time I’ve been on the West Coast so that was really exciting,” said Hupp. 

Hupp also talked about her big trip to the Virgin Islands. “We went to Saint Thomas and Saint John and we had a boat excursion… it was really relaxing.”

Evan Pinnix, another senior at Leesville, also had the opportunity to go to California. He traveled to San Francisco and LA, where he had the chance to experience amazing adventures in a state so different from North Carolina. “I don’t know it was… just really nice there,” said Pinnix as he reminisced about the trip. 

Summer is not only a great chance for traveling, but a great chance to spend time on beloved hobbies. “I got to go mountain bike at a really cool place down in Sanford, that’s one of my favorite sports,” said Graham Woodward, a junior at LRHS. 

Paw K’Pru Wah is a senior at Leesville who found time to relax and watch some of her favorite shows on Netflix, including Gilmore Girls. She really made the most of her summer vacation and found time to both relax and be productive. “I took advantage of my summer, I tried to do my college…you know Common App and tried to do my essay which I’m really really grateful for.” 

Many other seniors kept in mind the fact that next summer they will be preparing and leaving for college. “Once senior year’s over, it’s gonna be off to college and nothing will really be the same, we won’t have that sense of familiarity that we’re just back in high school,” said Hupp. 

During the school year, many families may not spend that much time with each other, as they are all going in different directions. School, jobs, and other extracurricular activities are very demanding, and students do not get the quality time they may want with their family members — summer break let people spend time catching up with those close to them. “My family and I, we did a lot of picnics, and we went to the art museum a lot, we brought a blanket and food and watched the sunset and it was just really pretty so we did a lot of that,” said Wah. 

Woodward and Pinnix also got to go on mountain trips with their families, which were highlights in their respective summers. 


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