Personalized Senior Parking Spots

Killian McRae, senior, next to his student parking spot that he personalized using chalk. (Photo Courtesy: Mary Mabry)

As the 2021-2022 school year kicks off, seniors are embracing traditions every opportunity they get. Most recently, they used chalk to personalize their parking spots in the senior lot.

Weirdly enough, parking spots are a big deal for LRHS seniors every year. They race to sign up for a parking pass during summer and then eagerly await their spot assignment in hopes they will get one of the spots closest to the school entrance.

Right before school starts, when everyone receives their parking pass, most seniors drive to the student parking lot to see where they will park every morning. Depending on where they end up, this drive either ends in celebration or disappointment. 

Nonetheless, a common next step for seniors is to see where all their friends ended up in the lot, and some start planning how they will personalize their spots.

Despite some weather interference, seniors were still able to find a time to decorate their spots. Seniors that wanted to participate went to the student lot on August 22, the day before school started, and got to work. 

Some seniors wrote words, some drew pictures, and some just simply wrote their names. These are some of the parking spots that were personalized:

Seniors had fun carrying on this tradition and enjoyed being able to park in their personalized spots for the first day of their senior year.


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