Senior Spotlight: Chase Hakerem


Chase Hakerem has made an outstanding resume on the court throughout his four years of highschool. 

He played on the men’s varsity basketball team for four years. Two out of those four years were spent as captain. His sophomore year he received 2nd team all-conference. His junior and senior year he worked his way up to 1st team all-conference. He also received the Heart and Hustle award for the season, and all-tournament team for the John Wall Invitational. 

When he’s not on the court, Hakerem partakes in graphic design. “One of my favorite hobbies is graphic design using Photoshop,” said Hakerem via text message. “I really got into that after I took digital media [my first two years of high school].” 

Hakerem’s favorite part about Leesville is the community surrounding sports. He loved the sellout games during the basketball season. “Home court advantage was a real thing stepping into our gym,” wrote Hakerem. “The student section storming the court and green filling up the whole gym is something I will never forget.” 

“Some advice that I would give incoming freshmen would be to try your hardest at anything and everything you do,” Hakerem wrote. “Build a foundation over these next four years that will set you up for the future and the goals that you want to achieve. Time flies so enjoy every minute because before you know it you’ll be writing college essays.”  


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