Raleigh Road Drive-Ins

As customers drive into the gravel pathway off of Raleigh Rd, they will spot this huge movie screen from a mile away. This massive screen is used by the Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre to host events, most commonly to present ongoing drive-in movies to the public.
By: Zoe Blakeman


The Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre, located in Henderson, North Carolina, is a one-of-a-kind experience. Offering a plethora of movie titles throughout the year, The Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre gives people of all ages the opportunity to enjoy a movie in the comfort of their own car.

Although it was in place before COVID-19, the theatre owners expressed to me that they, “have seen a huge increase in the amount of people coming to visit us this year.” The business saw a spike, mainly due to the closing of all indoor movie theaters. This location provided a safe way for all people to get out of the house for a while, and relish some newer movies releases, as well as classics. Given that all customers remain in their cars or trunks of their cars while watching the film, this is a very COVID-cautious event.

It is also a very cost-efficient event; tickets are offered at the low price of $10 for all adults and only $7 for all children. My friend and I purchased tickets to view the movie, “Birds of Prey,” in addition to enjoying some of the offered concession options. They do not only offer the typical popcorn and soda, but a full menu of food. The menu offers American-favorites and carnival-style food, such as Burgers, Funnel Cakes, Hot Pretzels, and Corn dogs.

Overall, the Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre is a fun way to reflect on the traditional past-times of drive-in movies. It is open to the public every week of the year, from Thursday to Sunday, so make sure to pack your car up and watch an entertaining movie! 


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