Senior Spotlight: Clifton Haas


Clifton Haas has been a member of the Leesville community for a long time and is currently finishing his last year of High School. 

Haas’s favorite hobby is brazillian jiu jitsu, a rare but interesting hobby that consists of a branch of martial arts. It is a self-defense combat sport based on grappling and submission holds, aimed at pinning the opponent on the ground.

Haas is part of the weightlifting club at LRHS, where students work together to reach their weightlifting goals. He is also a part of the wrestling team at LRHS, an influential teammate who is supportive and determined both on and off the mat. 

“[My] advice for freshmen is to get lots of sleep,” wrote Haas. Sleep is an important factor of high school success, as sometimes students get caught up in studying or games and forget their need for substantial sleep. 

Haas has made an impact on the Leesville community through his interesting extracurriculars, and his inspiration to be himself will not go unnoticed.


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