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Mickey Mouse’s Minecraft Madness



“Mickey Mouse” is trending in the U.S. on Twitter, but not for any reason regarding himself. Instead, popular MCYT Dream began tweeting from his side account about the cartoon for… well, nobody really knows why. At this point, the tweets are gaining traction solely based on their chaotic nature.


Happy #WorldBookDay



Today, April 23, is World Book day! #WorldBookDay is trending on Twitter, as users appreciate books and their value. So, maybe read a book today or appreciate books that you have read in celebration of #WorldBookDay!


John Walker’s Redemption



The first season of Marvel’s “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” premiered today, and fans are already raving about John Walker’s redemption as a character. The consensus on Twitter — they might’ve judged the poor guy a little too harshly. Season two was also just announced, so who knows where these heroes will go next.


SpaceX Launch



SpaceX launched its third crew to the International Space Station this morning from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida! The launch was before sunrise this morning and is admired on Twitter under #SpaceX.


Mortal Kombat on the Big Screens



The Mortal Kombat movie hit theaters today, and fans are thrilled. There was a lot of hype around the release, and also a lot of speculation. Usually, a movie based on iconic characters never fully sits well with the crowd, but fans are raving about the fights, plot, and character development, some even begging for more movies!


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