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Contributors: Lauren Taylor and Mary Mabry 


2018 vs. 2021




“2018 anna” is actually a photo from january 2019 but close enough ✨

♬ MotorSport – Migos & Nicki Minaj & Cardi B


Who would win in a fight, 2018 you or 2021 you? This idea is trending on TikTok, as people are sharing photos of themselves from 2018 and 2021. Most TikToks show a mental or physical “glow up,” and others share funny photos from both years to show they haven’t changed.


The Man Behind the Characters




Sergi Caballer is a character modeling supervisor working for Walt Disney Animation Studios. Caballer created this character, named Sisu Human, for Disney’s movie Raya and The Last Dragon. Caballer has created a multitude of other characters for Disney movies, some of which you might recognize like Officer McHorn from Zootopia, Teka from Moana, and multiple princesses from Ralph Breaks the Internet.






part 2 *repost 🙄* #fyp #funny @jordond262 @princemoonjq add my snap heroicdw333

♬ Track Star – Mooski


If you’re bored, here is something to do with your friends! This fun TikTok trend shows creators setting up a timed photo and trying to hide in the 10 seconds before the photo is taken. If you can still see a person in the final photo, they lose. Even if you don’t participate in this trend, it is still very fun to watch!


Easy to Try, Hard To Be Good




Sophie Hitchon is a British Olympic athlete who competes in the hammer throw, a track and field event. She is a top athlete winning a bronze medal in the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics, and with that same throw, she became a British record holder with a throw of 74.54 meters ( 244 feet!).


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