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find the frog 🐸 #hotgirlsidetable#plant#crystal#pinterest#thrift#cottagecore#BiggerIsBetter

♬ Ivy – Frank Ocean


You can always count on TikTok for the most random trends. This time — side tables; users of TikTok are showing their followers what their bedside tables look like. This trend supposedly provides insight into who a person is depending on what their side table looks like and what it has on it. 


No Thoughts, Head (seems) Empty




Called Back Nine Months Later




After nine months of teasing, Lil Nas X finally dropped “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” Leaks, endless videos, demands, and even clips used in a Logitech commercial built immense hype around the release. Twitter exploded with memes, Nas X often retweeting the mockery.






I want this again #sushi #beach #sushiday #beachday #freshsushi #sushibox #sashimi #sushiroll #takeout #togo

♬ original sound – Tyler Gonnella


TikTok is a great place to share your favorite places, people, items, stores, and more. Now, people on TikTok are sharing their favorite places to get takeout. So, if you need good recommendations on where to get takeout from, check out #Takeout!


The Mask Struggle




A year into quarantine, a year with masks. They’re a facet of our lives, but we still have regular struggles with them — especially with glasses. Foggy glasses are a frustrating daily struggle, no matter what tricks you try.


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