It’s Springtime… Let’s go shopping for the latest trends!

There’s really no reason to regress back into sweats this spring. It’s time to strut out of the house feeling confident wearing the hottest trends of the season. (Photo courtesy of Public Domain)

There seems to be two groups of people this spring: those who are embracing the comfort and casual nature of dressing during coronavirus, and those who are ready to break free from 2020’s loungewear and embrace a maximalist attitude to dressing once again.

These trends provide options for all wearers.

Knit Sets

Although spring does bring warmer weather, there are a few colder days in the mix. Knit sets give the option to cover up on those colder nights or show some skin on the warmer days. Plus, if you still may not be out of your home-leisure wear from quarantine — these sets provide for a comfy and cute option when leaving the house.


The sheer trend isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but with this season comes a range of cool new ways to embrace sheer if you’ve been waiting for the right way to tempt you. With the warmer days ahead, sheer can play a versatile role due to its ability to allow cooling through the thinness or warmth through layers.

Head Scarfs

Taking inspiration from the 50s and the 60s, this sleek fashion trend is coming back in a big way. Head scarfs are functional — as they protect your hair — and fashionable. Head scarfs come in a range of patterns, prints, and sizes, making it the perfect accessory to pair with almost any outfit. 

When styling this accessory, you can wrap the fabric under your chin in a loose knot, have it hanging off the back of your head, or mix things up by wrapping it around your neck.

Whether you are dusting off the “going out” clothes or reading to take your fashion game to the next level — no matter where you land on the style spectrum, there’s a popular trend for you.


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