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A Reason To Dress Up



Ashlie Atkinson, an American actress, is one of many people who have started dressing up for their COVID vaccine appointments. Since the beginning of the pandemic last year there have not been as many chances for people to dress up, and this is a fun chance to do that and celebrate getting the vaccine.  



Chef Florence Pugh




Every once in a while, actress Florence Pugh posts a series of cooking videos on her Instagram story for fans to enjoy. Pugh graced her 2.2 million followers with a new recipe along with her unique and entertaining sense of humor. Her previous recipe videos are saved in her Instagram highlights.



Something Made Right




it’s 2021 and we are still fighting for bits and pieces of equality. ##ncaa ##inequality ##fightforchange

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The NCAA was recently called out in a viral TikTok for the major unfair difference between the men’s weight room versus the women’s. Since then the women’s basketball team has received a new weight room to fix this issue, which is a good cause for celebration. You can read more about it here.



World Water Day




March 22 is World Water Day–a day to emphasize the importance of staying hydrated and preserving our water sources. People are taking to social media with the #WorldWaterDay to share videos, pictures, and tips on how to do your part in keeping water clean for all.


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