The Return of EA Sports’ ‘NCAA Football’


EA officially announced Tuesday afternoon that NCAA Football is soon to return back to the gaming world after seven long years. Players and fans are excited for the game’s next generation visuals and performance. (Photo courtesy of Chase Dutton)

The infamous college football video game, NCAA Football, is returning to next generation consoles for the first time since 2014.

Electronic Arts (EA), sports video game production company,  announced late Tuesday afternoon that the return of the beloved game is official. In July 2013, the NCAA declared that it would not renew its licensing contract with EA because of an ongoing legal dispute regarding the use of player likenesses in the games. Since then, fans and former players yearned for the return of EA’s most appreciated game for 7 years straight, until now.

The NCAA Football video games compare to other EA sports games such as Madden and FIFA, where realistic graphics offer a clean yet controllable game environment for each sport.

Over the years, new modes and enhanced graphics are added to each EA game to provide a better and more fun experience for its player. Now with the return of NCAA Football, fans and players are more excited than ever before to see the game’s visuals since its last debut in 2014 had low quality graphics and less enhanced game performances. 

Alec Peay, Leesville Road High School junior, is a fan and former player of the NCAA football games from 2012 to 2014. Peay claims he is excited to see how well the performance and visual graphics of the game has improved since 2014. 

“I’m more excited to get my hands on the new game because it’s been so long since I’ve played and because I want to see how well the graphics are now compared to the one’s back in 2014”, said Peay via text message. 

The new NCAA Football game is expected to have cleaner and more detailed graphics compared to those of 2014.

EA’s announcement startled its fanbase and players across the country. Many were not expecting to hear the official return of NCAA Football.

Alec Batca, Leesville Road High School freshmen, is also a former player of the NCAA football games, and like other players, he is excited for the game’s return. “I’ve played the past NCAA football games when I was younger and I was really upset when they (EA) stopped making them”, said Batca via text message. 

The announcement from EA Tuesday afternoon came as a shock to Batca, as he claims he was not expecting its return. “I figured EA would eventually bring back the NCAA football games because it was one of the companies top tier games and a lot of people wanted it back, but I didn’t expect it to come back now,” wrote Batca. 

EA included the detail in which the game is only available to next gen consoles, which angered fans and players. This past year’s widely famous releases of the next generation PlayStation and XBOX, the PS5 and XBOX Series X, took gaming communities by storm and sold out in retail stores almost instant. Both next generation consoles provide extreme perfection to games played on them, including sound, picture, and graphics. However, these consoles are extremely hard to get a hold of, and very expensive. Which would initially explain why fans and players are so mad about the game being only available to those owning these next generation consoles. Without a PS5 or XBOX Series X, players are not able to play the new NCAA football game. 

Despite the ongoing complaints about the availability of the game, fans and players are excited and eager to grab a hold of the long awaited game. Hoping for next gen consoles to soon capitalize on the market, the game’s expected release date is set for summer 2022 according to Sporting News. For 7 years, people have waited for the return, and yet the people have been answered.


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