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Contributors: Lyric Chassin and Ellie Bruno

From YouTube to Spotify

CORPSE aka Corpse Husband — popular video game streamer, horror story teller, and musician — announced on Twitter his song Agoraphobic is now available on Spotify. Known for his low, dark voice and faceless persona, his following skyrocketed in recent months, and now with millions of fans, this “YouTube only” ballad is finally out for fans to enjoy.

Reddit Reigns Supreme

You’ve probably seen GameStop in the news lately. That’s because the franchise went from record-low share prices in the stock market to skyrocketing highs near Tesla and other million dollar companies. Why? A reddit forum made to mess with the stock market is behind this momentous feat.

Twitter Authors Unite

In a massive compilation of tweets, authors all across the Twitter universe came together to give harsh writing advice. Some are incredibly helpful for aspiring authors, while others…not so much.


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