Quick Bites: What’s Been Trending


Contributors: Gretchen Stern 

Weird Al and The Wasp

A viral picture from 2018 of Paul Rudd and his daughter trick-or-treating has once again made an appearance. While his daughter dressed as the Wasp, Paul Rudd decided not to go with the obvious choice and went as Weird Al Yankovic! 


This Twitter account, @big_ben_clock, serves one purpose and one purpose only. To alert you with a series of “bongs” at the top of every hour, 24/7.

Drawing Strangers on the Subway


Adding the highlights was sooo fun!!! #artistoftiktok #artober #nycsubway #trending #viral

♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

This tik-toker draws people he sees on the NYC subway, capturing them in their daily life. 


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