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Contributors: Kyla McGhee and Lauren Taylor 

Harry Styles Is A Model Too 

Vogue released their December issue starring Harry Styles. The new issue features Styles wearing clothes both on the feminine side and masculine side while describing his life as an A-list celebrity.  Most of the Gen Z population considers Styles an icon, but many parents argue that he is “breaking the gender rules.”

Is it Really Worth Cleaning Your Bedroom For?

Miles and Kevin are two best friends who love shenanigans and always seem to get into trouble. You can see all their misadventures on Instagram at Crabgrasscomics.

The Planets Collide With New Music 

Lil Uzi Vert and Future’s new album,  Pluto x Baby Pluto, released this morning. Fans have been waiting for another collaboration from the two rappers and now they finally got it. The album features 16 songs, lasting about 54 minutes total, and fans already have the album on repeat.

Thanks, But I’ll Stick to Climbing Stairs

Emily Harrington is a mountain climber, skier, and biker. Most recently she free-climbed El Cap, a mountain located in Yosemite Park with an elevation of roughly 3,000 feet.

Law and Order is Back 



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