No Off-Campus Lunch For Third Quarter


Lunch is a big topic when it comes to returning to school for second semester. Students are questioning if they will be able to socialize with others or if they will be restricted to their classrooms. (Photo courtesy of the Mycenaean)

Being able to eat lunch off-campus is something all underclassmen look forward to at Leesville Road High School. Instead of being restricted to the school campus, Juniors and Seniors are given the option to drive to lunch with friends. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, students will not be offered the option of off-campus lunch.

On Tuesday, November 3, Principal Ian Solomon sent out an email to inform parents that LRHS will not allow students to go off-campus for lunch during third Quarter. Solomon wrote that “this will be revisited in Quarter 4.” 

This decision was made in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. When students carpool to lunch, it’s difficult to enforce social distancing. It’s unclear if this is a statement coming from the County or if the decision was made specifically for Leesville. 

Solomon stated that his reason for sharing this change is to help students and parents with their decision of choosing to enroll with the Virtual Academy for the second semester.

Julia Spinak, a junior at LRHS, said via text, “I’m not super happy about it, but I understand why it happened.” 

Now, students are wondering what their two hour lunch will be like under Plan B. If students are allowed to eat in the cafeteria, how will chairs and tables be distanced? Will they be separated from their friends and forced to talk to new people with only one third of them being in the building? 

The Mycenaean reached out to Solomon for more details about lunch next quarter. Solomon responded by saying students attending in-person learning will have 35 minutes for lunch and will be spread out among the school using the cafeteria, multipurpose room, collaborative spaces (for seniors) and a few teacher classrooms.

This decision was not Leesville specific, all WCPSS High School Principals agreed to this plan.

Regardless of how Quarter 3 goes, it sounds like the decision will be reviewed before Quarter 4. Hopefully the rule will be reversed and allow the upperclassmen some of their freedom back if restrictions become relaxed.


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